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The LeBuck stops here

I'm fed up of being force fed to my gils like a goose on the Jarvis Hayes farm with Lebron James and ESPN and the way they dance like a couple of over ripe retirees in a convention hall.

Its not the kind of intimacy a young heart wants to think of!!

SportsCenters 10 plays of the week last night had 5 lebron highlights, and he only made 6 field goals! And when he blew a layup that was put back by a team mate, the sycophantic colorists suggested you "could practically give Lebron an assist on that one." Gilbert ARena gets his assists the less popular way by passing it to people!!!

Also, what kind of name is LeBron?

Its a KITSCH name is what it is. Its nouveau. Its GAY!

Its as Kitsch as the Grand Revival Tiara Poster Beds and italiantate pool tables that LeBorn and his LeMom are no doubt outfitting their new manses this very minute.

"LeBron" is a lot of pressure to put on a young inner city kid. Jesus, what if he had been a refrigerator repairman?

Heres the Lebron family crest. "Follow reasons."

"Moize LeBrun settled in Rhode Island in 1686 " OF COURSE HE DID, his damn name MOIZE!!

But thats Not LeBron exactly, LeBron has TWO CAPITAL LETTERS! ITS FANCIER!


LeBron's mother Gloria wanted her son to have everything she could never have: a nice car thatbhe paid for and a gay name!

Jimi Izrael defends Missus LeKitsch here.

"Sociologist Anne Rawls theorized that black Americans have a distinct and separate sense of self and community and within that socialization are born modes of relishing success that white Americans take to be garish, ostentatious, immodest or even pathological.

Some white folks think something is wrong with us whenever we celebrate, I guess because they think we smack them up and down the house or light up a crack-pipe with them to celebrate a job well done. "

What kind of name is "jimi izrael"?? Its a politcal name is what is. and SUPER gay! HOLLA!

Many of my friends are white folks, and plenty of them light up a crack-pipe to celebrate a job well done!!