World Sports Legends
In sport, fine margins are the difference between winning and losing

Here's some scoutning excerpts on Charles

Due to mounting loses at F Street locale, Abe Pollins cuts rations! Serves Anzac stew to troops---a bucket of hot water with one rind of bacon fat!!!---learned recipe from Johnny Turks and Hidi!!! But Wiz reacted negatively, convulse with foaming mad smiles, shouting "Eggs-A-CooK!!!" before each shot and enacting erractic behavior, as seen here with CLaet grimacing and swinging his sharpened elbows at Jason Terry's bangers & mash!!!

Bacon ration soup causes Wizz to lose 5th in a row---but they did score season high!! But Hotlanta scored seasons higheer!!! That's one bonzer of a loss, mates!

As this season heads into the trenches in alf a mo like an Australian youth in 1915s Turkey, we've decided to look ahead to futre of Wizards---POSTIVELY of course, just as with our liberal use of sports and war metaphors which we learned are OK to say based on the highly inciteful use of them by the very reverand and higher educated ESPN football annoucers !!!

What we like about him:

Chuckie V has highly definite Ike Austin and Popeye Jones qualities about him. We're not sure about his game, but look at that mug: No eyebrows, clean dome, heavy lids, winning smile. That's a future Wizard.

Stregnths: A strong all around talent. Charlie excels at passing the ball, scoring from the perimeter and handling the ball on the break. His inside/outside game makes him a virtual lock for a double-double every night.

Weaknesses: A bit laid back at times [DRAFT...HIM...NOW], which leads to scoring in bunches and then going cold. Needs to develop a new instinct.

The former McDonald's Eating All-American wanted to go from New Jersey's Blair Academy to 2003 NBA draft but decided he'd only be drafted in late fist round and not make enough benjamins and besides he'd go to a good team in late first---and he's obviously destined for the Wizzards in 2004!!! WELCOME CHUCK!!