World Sports Legends
In sport, fine margins are the difference between winning and losing

Well, purple dreams no more, beautiful ones!

Have you ever thought what it would be like to challenge Prince to a basketball game?

Jerry Stackhouse whispered that exact sentiment to me yeseterday in the sauna. Jer Jer Stackz thought his female knees could back down The Artist, giving him a purple facial and get an easy two in the paint. (He then mentioned Earl Boykins in the same soft, salacious breath.)

Speaking of haberdashery, Sometimes I dream of slipping on a set of Jahidi used undergarments and post-game Hot Plate Williams gym sox and Kevin Duckworth's marsupial pouch and Gheorge Muersan's sense of sartorial splendor, and just stepping up my game to 40% and giving a partial some of my all, and just dribble it down my legs, and then do a loopdeloop HAM SLAM right over Prince Rodgers' Controversy-era folicle stackup!!! Even Stack could get up over that lil' guy!

CHcolate Chicken Run!

New York Knicks are freefalling cause Isiah Thomas hates the white man and shipped out one too many of them.

Isiah Thomas is the Blackman's Cecil Rhodes and when he secedes from the country Im gonna get me a duplex in the niehgborhood of TriBeTho, aka "Triangle Beneath Thomases Thighs" in relator cuz thats where Isiah is gonna build his own copper and ebony Rhodes Colussus, to greet mariners and traders like a masterful and epic customer greeter at a no-whites-allowed Eddie Bauer during the christmas rush!

Speaking of the white devil, did anyone see the Comcast promo last night?

The one for the show that looks into how proud and pliant Don McNabb is, with clips of Rush Lim. , and with Don McNabb talking bout how hes been motivated by racists all his life, then, final ad voice over:

"See the Darker Side of Donovan McNbab"!

Ill accept your apology COMCAST if when you buy DIsney you make black muppets.

Phil Chenier was stoned last night, Im pretty sure aboutn this. At halftime, Buckhantz said somehting about how so and so looks different "withthe naked eye." Then Phil started giggling like a school boy and repeated "Naked Eyes..!

Buckhantz got worried like maybe Chenier was gonna go off the track, like Chuck D gets with Flavor Flav when Flav stops lip synching and start waving his arms and heading toward the end of the concert stage and MistaChuck gives the S1Ws a nod to be on alert, if they are not too busy protecting the First World, then maybe they could make sure Flav checks himself, respects himself, and when we enetered the concert and got patted down it was for CAMERAS not Gunzzz cuz we were in Melbourne, Australia, not Melbourne Florida!

It was so tite to see Sister Christian back on the floor with Jared, Jarvis, Etan and lil Stevie Blake.

It was like a Raffi Concert!