World Sports Legends
In sport, fine margins are the difference between winning and losing

Gilbert Aerolas is fearless

Does he not remind one of a former court general, one mister Ledell Eackles??!!!

Both are aweless and lawless, brassy distrubtors of the round ball, both are slashers, and both have the posture of a old stout bellhop!

The best part of the game for me was having the ATlanta broadcast team call the game, on acocunt of my direct TV NBA KWAMEPASS.

Thse guys were so delightful! They called all the players by their first names! Theo! Etan! Gilbert!

They made a point of praising Kwmaes excellent defense.

They were cheerful and playful, like Tom Knotts metaphor puppies come to life!

So refreshing!!!, and such a nice change from Sturm Chenier and Drang Buckhantz with their melancholy offerings, and their waiting out the game like it was a prison sentence, waiting for something to happen to lift them out of their prison of peat swamp pessimism, their dialgoue, like their failing erections, with its pseudo-climaxes and non arrivals is like waiting for GODOT, and wiaitng for him in bad suits.!!!

Why wait for Godot when you have a sweating Kwame Brown in a tank top not 10 feet from your eyes!

You know, to them they have waited too long with the bullets and wizards. Like in Waiting for Godot when the guys says : "Nothing happens, it's awful," SO true COmcast, so true!!!

Fresh meat please!!

For Steve and Phil are nearly withuot attributes, aging tramps locked in a lovehate relationship and full of uncertainty about the time, place and purpose of their existence.