World Sports Legends
In sport, fine margins are the difference between winning and losing

Nothing goes with Bling Bling like Barefeet and homemade TShirts!

Jerry Strawhouse folding it up more than browsing Manute Bol at a Prius dealership!

Maybe Strawman is hoping to oversell his injuries so he will be left unprotected like an unsigned rental agreement in this summers expansion draft and go back home to the Carolinas for a song or stack of drying tobacco.

Incites and anger. U BET!! B.E.T.!!!

Braintrust identitfies draft priority:

"Danny Grunfeld...sophomore guard on Stanford, made a four-point play in the last 30 seconds vs. Washington, helping keep Stanford unbeatan.

He's a 6'6 sophomore who doesn't play all that much, but Daddy must be proud.


Wizards love to play some lottery! Our Savior Kwame, worried about how the Passion is perceived, has hit the rookie wall for the third year in a row. Ponchus Arenas is proving to be an excellent foil to The Very Rev. Kw.Brown, even if Gil makes 10 turnovers for every 30 points. Run the numbers! I've been running numbers at my local bodega for years!!!

Because there are so few bright spots in Wizz life right now---for all of you that is; we always look on positive side (have you seen Mitchell Butler's time-out clap on the bench? very encouraging)---we decided to find a photo of better times, when hope was more than just a four-letter word, when Kwame was still a pliant teenager whose scowl felt like a kiss, when barefoot ladies from the Brown family laid on the floor to celebrate the selection