World Sports Legends
In sport, fine margins are the difference between winning and losing

Happy Birthday Elvin Hayes!

Not all chairty spokesman are created equal so Support Elvins Doodle for Hunger Initiative!!!!

A moving portrait of Wes and Elvin here. You can really feel the humanity, the moisture. It takes you there, it feels like such real life, yet at the same time, you know you can never be there, because the image isnt moving and it is black and white.

A Great old basketball card of elvins here. Check out Jo Jo White! His eyes light up at the size of that Giant Ball that VANN Williford got a hold of. JoJo is thinking "where did you get that super ball , VANN! "

You just dont get quality Japes on thoie cards these days! I myself would gladly give up the jasminlive hologram and foil stuff to see Courtney Alexander with his Lester Doll !

La Grand Bouffe!

Thats great poem. Lets hope Jahidi finds his wings in Phoenix. The thing I loved most about Jahidi White, was not merely his elephantine size, but how proudly he carried it. Jahidi was not fat, he was generous. He wasnt potbellied, but prosperous. There are the shame-waisted and then there are those whose bulging ways are a sign of success and luxury. His waistline is universal. The universal deluge of the human condition!!!!!

Its whats makes having a Vietnamese manservant so profoundly different from just hanging around in the shadows with vietnamese boys.

Goodluck fertile moominpapa!

SO- how fuin is this team?! Man this team is so fun

but you would never know it from Steve Buckhantz and Phil Cheniers play by play.

Gone are the "DAGGER!" and "BACKBREAKER!" Buckhantz would typically yell during a six-to-four game, in its place something eqaully despondent.

SNuglled under the broadcast bench with his mate Chenier, it didnt take but 2 minutes for Buckhantz to proclaim:

"OUCH! That hurts".

2 minutes later, again, "OUCH! That hurts."

And then the telecast began!!!!

Not since "Reindeer Games" Have i been subjected to so much Hokey and Grim! And Phil, if your werent so riddled with Canadian Levitra, you would not stand for Stev-"I believe its "Dey-lam-bayer"-Buckhantz " correcting you on your french. The Buckbeak never played in the association, and he wears a pigmask!

What about the frabnchise high 3s? The franchise high D? The franchise himself, the Very Revered K Brown draining threes like steve blake in a back-alley bag of empty tuna cans?

What about that line on Gilbert, his aerioli swollen lilke his box score? Jarvis getting career highs? Etan making better use of his left hand than a year 7 boarding schooler!?

This live jasmin team is sodamn loveable. Even garbage time is fun, and I have lived a life of garbage to know it!!!!.

Jared Jeffries and his Monchichi pucker, Juianita Dixon Jordan losing his parents, and battling expectations and germs; The first year coach with his offense and his principles and his confident bangs. Sister Christian Laettner - the friendly RA in the dorm, teaching the kids about Michael McDonald and where to get a good fake ID.

Oh no!

BAfter life afirming Wizz demolition of Dallas Mavs and that spanish revoltutionary Mark Cuban, the Wizzards went and traded Jahidi White to Phoenix for Brevin Knight!!! Hidi was loaded on the back of a semi truck wrapped in a pilled and musty #23 mule blanket and wished a bon voyage by a tearful but smiling Ernie Grunfeld. Who will lead the Chubbs and Chasers in the Wizz locker room? Who shall protect Steve Blake from being passed around (more than once)? Who shall wear the Cheese Boot?

By the gods of Lapland, look what's now available!!! It's the only thing cheering us up with the loss of Hidi and his revenue and nausea-inducing thong!!!

We're pooling all our old metal scraps from the abandoned Juan Dixon Antiseptic Bacon Dispenser project and selling off the wizznutzz inflatable furniture (and other such inflatables) to buy that $300 tank topper!!! We shall put it in The Wiz/Bulletz museum and look at it lovingly as we starve and drink vodka from the can and dream of the day the Nba opens a team in Helsinki. Hidi's Helsinki Chubbs? A GRATE NAME!!!

AND we can't wait for the Ladell Eackles Mock Turtleneck tanktop to hit the market!!!

Oh, Hidi, we'll miss you!!! A proper chaturbat tribute to your tenure here is forcoming, In the meantime, Enjoy the Tex-Mex at Thunder Dan Majerles where the motto is "The Home to Every Kind of Athlete." That means YOU TOO Hidi!! For if a Chubb & chaser isn't an athelte, than what is? TRY ThE GORDITAS!!! God speeddd!!!

My bosses grate on the radio!

Cheristopehr and James sounded real professional, like my favorite Web site in Finland!!

Wizzards plays tonight versues Dallas ronight on Wednesday!!!! We are going to Wheaton Circuit City to watch! Eddie Jordan tells Gilvert's Aereolas to "SHOOT MORE!" Look for Gil's aereolas to launch about 50 milk bombs tonight in Dllas!! Mark Cuban will be saying, "Oh mios dios!!! Fidel Castro of Aereolas is staging revolution on my floor while Antyown Jamison and Shawn Badley just hand moist towelsettes to Dirk and the Twoin of Ant!!! Oh mios dios! Yo la tengo un hamburgesa, por favor!!"

HEy, That's Mark CUban for ya!!!

Ja, hallo everyone!!! YOU GUESS RIGHT!! It's me, Jarrko Ruutu, Wizznuttzz intern from Finland and the blond beauty who is showing the bearded and bedless Yurgi from Romania what it means to BE AMERICAN. We drink, we fight, we watch ball...AND WE BALL!!! Sometimes when I pull Yurgi out from under table at WizzNutzz gatherings I can just make out him mumbling, "Finland IS FUNLAND!!!" How right you are, YURGI! But I know not why you call me "Tom of Finland." How many times I tell you I am Jarrko? Did I not beat you with salted liquorice and scream, JARRKO JARRKO JARRKO, YOU GYPSY VAMPIRE over and over and over? (For some reason you no ask for stop.)

Sorry for my english but I AM SAD

I was saying good man Jahidi White hes going to this place Phoenix now.

And we must all be sad but no one can be as sad as I because for Finland Hanno Mottola is making us very proud for the NBA, but our hearts have a space for Jahidi most ofall, which is even why I am winzzutzz intern. Fate! and sadness.

I will tell you about Moomintroll.

(But in finland we spell Muumintroll.

Muumintrolls are what makes finland from going bad in dark-darkness that winter has for us each year. Tove Jansson, I hope she rests, made the Moomitroll books for 30 languages and loved by all of Europe!! All that knows the fear of nights of winter that seem they will never go. The dark is like smoke and black paint in the brain.

But moomintroll makes everything allright... For they are round, and wonderfully mild!

A Moomintroll is small and shy and fat, and has a Moominpappa and a Moominmamma. Moomins live in forests of Finland. They like sunshine and sleep right through the winter with no demon dreams. The snow falls and falls and falls and where they live, until their houses are like great snowballs!! But when spring comes, up they jump!!!

Sometimes I spend whole week in bed in winter -- not even to wake for fish! -- imagining my excellent adventures in Moominland.

I talk long to say one thing for you.

For Jahidi white is Moomintroll of NBA for all of finland.

That is why.

That Finnish has heart!

One things for sure, that movie will have people talking for some time, and they will be talking about Jahidi white and the bus and the moomintrolls and the screams and so in that sense this work achieved perfectly what it was designed for!

More minutes for Jarkko!!!!

AND more minutes for Sister C!!!

A year ago we were appealing to Christian to spend less time stealing kwames minutes and rolling Jarreds ankle and more time with his cherrful skivvy with his edutainmkent troupe, the Wiggles!

Sister Christian calls out our Haywood Noworkman for being "one dimensional" and praises kwame for being "not one dimensional".

Is Kwame to Sister Christian what Ty Lue was to Salieri? Beware friends in rugged handome "i'll-pick-you-up-at-7-suzy" beards and sweat bands young narcissus!

Eddie Jordan says that Laettner's slowness and gentle ways actually open up the offense for the wizards!

SO much more to say for Jahidi and his sad departure. But wizards brass have style: got Jahidi TWO seats in greyhound so he wouldnt have to share or meet young new phoenix-bound male street trade as part of contract stipulations.

Maybe much wont be said about jahidi, and is better left that way, but we will have a tribute page up next week, and will send it to Phoenix media and Rex Chapman to let them know the visibly imperfect but many carated dianmond they are getting.

Tom Knott has a very complicated article about Jahidis stone hands? Is this the appropriate time toi making jokes mr Knott?

But he had one part that aroused my awareness. The part about combining christian laettners mind and kwames body into a super being. Like MasterBlaster from Mad Max movies.

I was pert upon this line because I have thought the same thing myself, about me being inside kwames mind, controlling his amazing specimens.

Anyways, I have to run: the game starts soon which means Kwame is stretching! Maybe this time I will be able to control his movement and do the stretch that I always imagine him doing.